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hop industries

Holographic APET Sheets

In order to help our customers better distinguish themselves amongst their competitors, Hop Industries has developed the first clear holographic sheet comprised of 100% PET.  Our proprietary polyester based laminate is applied through a sheet to sheet lamination process, which allows us to provide our customers with perfectly flat sheets for printing.  Since both the laminate and base films are PET, this material can be labeled and recycled with the number 1 PETE recycling symbol.  The one side laminated sheet can be printed via offset lithography on either side of the sheet.  Our specialized laminate has been designed to vanish and become crystal clear when a coating is applied, giving our customers a multitude of design options.  Developed for the folding box industry, in addition to its excellent printing properties,
our clear holographic APET provides excellent impact strength, minimal crease whitening, and easy processing in folding and gluing.

»  Holographic APET Data Sheet
holographic APET data sheet packaging
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