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 Matte/Gloss APET Sheets

APET has quickly become a substrate of choice amongst printers due to its versatility and its low impact on the environment.  Printers are moving away from more traditional materials like PVC and styrene and substituting APET whenever possible.  Up until recently, conventional offset printers have been unable to capitalize on the benefits of APET because of its highly polished surface.  Hop Industries has developed an APET sheet with a matte/gloss surface with these conventional offset printers in mind.  The nature of this matte surface allows conventional offset printers the opportunity to print on a material that was previously unavailable to them.  The consistent smoothness of the matte surface on our matte/gloss APET is comprised of microscopic peaks and valleys that allow ink to settle into and anchor into the sheet. The matte surface also completely reduces any risk of blocking or processing issues.  Conventional offset printers can now run and print an APET sheet with confidence.  In addition, the matte/gloss APET exhibits exceptional contact clarity when viewed from either side of the sheet, making it suitable for a multitude of applications.

»  Matte/Gloss APET Data Sheet

Matte Gloss APET Sheets- APET-box