At Hop Industries, we know that high-quality food packaging is critical to your customers. That’s why we offer FDA compliant rigid PVC and PET films for food packaging.  These films protect your product and extend its shelf life.  Our rigid FDA grade films look great and enhance shelf appeal.


Our FDA compliant PET and PVC are both manufactured at multiple production sites worldwide, and our facilities’ staff has a broad knowledge of polymers and formulations.  They have fully integrated production processes to tightly control film properties.

We can recommend to you the best and most cost effective film for your needs. Our technical service department is well trained, with state-of-the-art machinery. And with our thirty-five years of production knowledge and extensive packaging experience, we think of ourselves as a partner to the food packaging industry.

Hop’s films are developed in close cooperation with the industry to ensure that we meet its ever-changing needs. We create customized solutions that optimize total packaging costs without sacrificing functionality.  And we provide ongoing technical assistance as well as advice in the processing of our films.

As a leading supplier of food packaging films, Hop Industries offers innovative solutions for the changing needs of the food packaging industry.  At Hop, we consistently remain at the forefront of discovering new and innovative ideas for food packaging. We continue to seek out improved materials that provide higher performance, smoother processing, and higher efficiency.

Hop’s RPET film for vacuum forming provides the same brilliant cosmetic clarity and performance properties as standard APET films, while helping customers meet their sustainable packaging goals.  There is no need to change tooling or package design. These films process on existing equipment in the same thermoforming range and have the same cuttability as standard APET.
Our PET films are ideal for blisters, clamshells, trays and other thermoformed applications. 
As with standard APET films, packages produced with these films can be marked with SPI resin identification code 1 and waste from thermoforming operations is compatible with existing pre-consumer recycling streams.

Please contact one of our Sales Representatives for pricing, samples and availability of our PVC and PET food grade films today.