PP - Polypropylene Freezer to Microwave


Hop Industries Corporation is widely known for our product line of PVC & PET films. We are now happy to provide a proven high quality PP - Polypropylene film in both Natural clear and colors. Our Polypropylene is both economical and highly engineered to fulfill your thermoforming requirements.

Polypropylene is extensively used for the thermo-forming of trays and containers used for heating food in microwave ovens at a temperature less than 110 °C (230 °F). Our Hi Impact  grade PP in formed PP parts can be stored in a refrigerator at temperatures down as low as -30C (-22F).
This material is available as follows:
PP- Vacuum Forming
Thickness .008” - .063”
Width   24” – 40”    O.D.  24”



We can also convert this material to smaller widths to 1” width high tolerance accuracy.
Polypropylene has the following attributes:


    Freezer to Microwave
    Excellent Thermo-formability
    FDA Compliant
    Moisture Resistant
    Scratch Resistant
    Acid Resistant
    Able to maintain firm flexibility
    Maintains durability under different elements

We would like to hear back from you on the material you are currently sourcing or quoting on so that we can offer you pricing and provide you with sample material for your further testing.


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