Rigid PVC -
Film Grade

Hop Industries is proud to offer our
top quality line of Rigid PVC -
Metalized Film Grade.


Our metalized PVC films are coated with a thin layer of aluminum utilizing the process known as physical vapor deposition. The deposited aluminum is usually 1 micron thick and produces a glossy reflective silver metallic appearance similar to aluminum foil on one side. Our base material is usually ordered in a tinted color and this allows for a glossy metallic colored look on the opposite side taking on the color of the tinted material.

Metalized films have a similar appearance to aluminum foil in their reflective silver surface. The metallic coating also reduces the permeability of the film to light, water and oxygen. The properties of the film remain, such as higher toughness, the ability to be heat sealed, and a lower density at a lower cost than an aluminum foil. This gives metalized films some advantages over aluminum foil and aluminum foil laminates.

Metalized films were first used for decorative purposes as Christmas tinsel, and continue to be used for items such as wrappers and ribbons. Many food items are also packaged using metalized films for appearance. These produce a package with greater sparkle when compared to competing products that use printed paper or polymer films.


Rigid PVC -
Metalized Film Grade Application

Metalized Film for Decoration, Gift wrap, Tapes, Ribbon, Stamping foil and thermoformed packaging trays commonly used for chocolates.

Rigid PVC - Metalized Film Grade Specifications

Thickness:  .004"- .020"
Width: 2.75" - 55" 
Put Up:
3" & 6" ID cores

Color: Color can be custom matched.
Standard colors are silver and gold.

Minimum order: 2,000 lbs