HOP Industries is now offering Super Clear APET sheets and roll stock for the production of face shields which protect workers from face hazards such as flying objects, liquids and chemicals. This eye and face protection is extensively used in the recreational, industrial and healthcare industries.
 APET can be produced with a two side anti-fogging formula that will keep the shield clear and fog free under close working conditions.


The most popular thicknesses range for the roll stock material is from .004” through .015”

The material in sheet form is available in .008 through .028 mil thicknesses and size specifications can range from 1” through 52” from our converting facility in Lyndhurst NJ.

Many of our customers request the clear APET in basic uncoated format for industrial uses.

Our customers producing shields for medical application usually ask for Anti-Fogging coating on two sides.

Please contact your sales representative for further information and samples to qualify this material for your production of face shields.


We are able to produce APET or RPET with anti-fog. Please see below for our sheet capabilities direct from factory in Houston Texas

Thickness (mil) .008 - .028  |  Minimum size 19" x 19"  |  Maximum size (*) 58" x 47"

* The maximum sheeet size may be different depending on thickness.

Please contact your representative at HOP Industries for further information and samples that you may require.