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PETG is a polyester film with a glycol modification that is used in both the thermoforming and printing industries.  The glycol modification allows the material to be RF or heat sealed to itself more efficiently than APET and RPET materials.  In addition, the structural makeup of the material deters it from crystallization, meaning that the material will not whiten when heated or stressed.  We are proud to offer multiple grades of PETG for uses in both thermoforming and printing. 

Printing Grade
Thermoforming Grade
PETG-print-flexural-strenth PETG-thermoforming-grade-packaging-application

Offering excellent printability, flexural strength, and laminating characteristics, our printing grade PETG is
suitable a wide range of card applications.

Combining excellent impact resistance and superior
clarity, our thermoforming grade PETG is suitable
for virtually any packaging application.