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Similar to APET, our RPET combines excellent durability with glass-like clarity, providing our customers a material that both performs well and is visually appealing.  By utilizing up to 50% post consumer scrap in our RPET material we are able to offer a polyester film that maintains all of the excellent physical characteristics of APET while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of the material.  RPET can be processed more quickly and economically than rigid PVC making it an ideal material choice for applications requiring an attractive package with maximum product visibility.  Our RPET film is non-toxic and FDA approved for direct food contact.  Specifically designed for customers who demand a truly “green” product, our RPET film line will allow you to meet your customer’s needs as well as your sustainable packaging goals. 

RPET for Printing
RPET for Thermoforming
RPET-for-printing RPET-for-thermoforming

Combining printability and environmental awareness,
our 25% PCR APET is suitable for the most demanding
printing applications.

Our thermoforming grade RPET combines excellent
physical properties with a reduced environmental impact.