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Rigid PVC -  Thermoforming Grade

For durable and aesthetically appealing retail packaging applications, Hop Industries is proud to offer our line of thermoforming grade rigid PVC films.  Domestically manufactured with over 30 years of technical expertise and experience, our rigid PVC is engineered for the most demanding thermoforming applications.  Formulated for long lasting visually appealing packages, our film is easy to process on most all thermoforming equipment.  With over 3 million pounds in our inventory we are well positioned to offer quick turnaround for small and large quantities as well as factory direct service for any custom runs.
Our line of thermoforming grade rigid PVC film is separated into the following grades:

» Virgin Thermoforming Grade
» Utility/Recycled Thermoforming Grade
» Easy Mold Release Thermoforming Grade

» Anti Static/Static Dissipative Thermoforming Grade
» FDA Thermoforming Grade