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Virgin APET Sheets

APET is being used more and more in today’s printing and packaging industries as a “green” alternative to other less environmentally friendly plastic materials.  APET is easily recycled and processed back into useful products.  In addition, when incinerated, APET breaks down into CO2, H2O, and CO; three naturally occurring compounds.  These environmental aspects combined with its excellent printing properties have made APET the substrate of choice for printers in the folded box and packaging industries.  Our APET sheets are easily printable via offset lithography and screen printing.  They offer excellent transparency, high gloss finish, and minimal crease whitening.  Unlike corona treated materials, the dyne level on our APET sheets will not diminish over time. Our specialized surface finish provides a dyne level of 38 (minimum) with no shelf life. This surface finish also provides exceptional slip on both sides of the sheet, which provides an ease in processing and allows printers to run at higher press speeds.  We are currently stocking large volumes of common sizes of our APET sheets in our warehouse located in Lyndhurst, NJ.

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